Eco-Friendly Redwood

Humboldt Redwood is a sound environmental choice – a renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable resource grown and harvested in accordance with some of the highest environmental standards in the world. From conserving energy to absorbing greenhouse gases, eco-friendly Humboldt Redwood offers many environmental advantages that alternative building materials do not.

Eco-friendly Humboldt Redwood is sourced from coast redwood trees that harness the power of nature to flourish. Sunshine, rain, and soil are the only ingredients required to make one of nature’s best, and most beautiful building materials. These trees are then responsibly harvested and manufactured to create beautiful outdoor living products for your home. As trees are harvested, new trees are planted to replace them continuing the natural life cycle of replenishment and renewal. Eco-friendly Humboldt Redwood also biodegrades naturally at the end of its useful life cycle; unlike many plastics that sit in landfills for decades, eco-friendly Humboldt Redwood returns to the earth from whence it came.

Plastics and composite materials may claim to be just as sustainable as Humboldt Redwood, but not all of the raw materials used to manufacture these products are renewable. In addition, plastics and composites are generally not biodegradable or recyclable, and the manufacturing of these materials is resource and energy intensive.

A clear choice for your next outdoor living project, eco-friendly Humboldt Redwood delivers in terms of both sustainability and beauty. Use it to create unique, durable structures such as redwood decks, fences, outdoor furniture and more. And to learn more about the unique, eco-friendly properties of Humboldt Redwood, download this informative brochure: Redwood for Green Living.


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