Environmental Stewardship

The concept of environmental stewardship is one Humboldt Redwood Company takes seriously. To us, it represents a number of important, intertwined elements that include leaving land for future generations in the same condition we found it, and sharing responsibility for the planet we live on. At Humboldt Redwood Company, we act on both of those concerns  by harvesting and manufacturing our redwood lumber products in an environmentally responsible and ethical way.

An important element of environmental stewardship is green building. The primary objective of green building is to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on people and the environment. Green building involves using sustainable, efficient resources in the most responsible way possible, and is increasingly important in the marketplace and important for responsible environmental stewardship.

There are many ways in which a building may negatively impact the environment, whether by disrupting a delicate ecosystem or by using undue amounts of energy or resources. The green building movement was created to help mitigate those impacts. This goal meshes well with our tenets of environmental stewardship, and we are constantly striving to reduce the already low environmental impact of redwood.

Another way we practice environmental stewardship is by harvesting our redwood logs from our own, responsibly managed forestlands. One of the most effective ways in which sustainably harvested forestlands are replenished is by replanting of native species of trees. This goes great lengths to maintain the delicate balance that every ecosystem hinges upon. In the past, many lumber companies would replant cleared forestlands with rapidly growing non-native species. While this was often good for a company’s bottom line, it did not help the local environment’s health. Many of the more ecologically conscious organizations, including Humboldt Redwood Company, have abandoned this practice.

Humboldt Redwood lumber products are harvested and manufactured in accordance with high environmental standards. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


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