Redwood Technical Information


More architects are specifying redwood because of its natural strength, fire rating, and variety of available lumber patterns, in addition to its renowned beauty. This page includes redwood technical information and engineering data that are used in various structural design calculations, and serves as a great resource of information for architects. In addition to the free downloads below, our Redwood Lumber Products profile on the ARCAT site provides information of our offered lumber and timber products, including as shade structures, and product specifications.

Structural Design Values for Redwood, Western Cedars, and Douglas-fir

Redwood, Douglas-fir Span Chart

Standard Specifications for Grades of California Redwood Lumber

Supplement No. 1 Standard Specifications for Grades of California Redwood Lumber

Redwood Lumber Grades & Uses

CSI Specification: 06 13 00 Redwood Lumber and Timbers

Reimagining Redwood Spec Summary

Storage and Handling of Redwood Timbers

Redwood Finishing Guide

Redwood Color Restoration

Redwood Decking Meets Wildland Fire Standards

Redwood Lumber Patterns


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