Backyard Fence Building Made Easier


An attractive fence can frame your yard and give your home character as well as serve important functions like protecting your property and enclosing a pool, play or pet area. Once you have decided to add a fence to your outdoor living experience, you may decide to take on the challenge of building it yourself, which can be a satisfying experience if you start with the right materials, the right information and a can-do attitude.

For a fence that is naturally beautiful as well as functional and durable, Humboldt Redwood is an excellent choice that can make your job easier. Humboldt Redwood fencing products must pass the highest quality standards in the industry. As a building material, redwood is easy to saw, drill or nail and has surprisingly little pitch or resin.  It resists chipping, peeling and warping, and is dimensionally stable which makes it less likely to shrink or swell than other materials.

Once your material is chosen, careful planning is important to help make sure that you’re considering all aspects of the project before getting started. Redwood fence ideas and redwood fence plans can be found when you visit the build a fence page. Here, you’ll find inspirational ideas, helpful tips and brochures that can be downloaded for more detailed plans.

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