Redwood Deck Ideas: Inspiration Outside the Deck


Excitement and inspiration can come in many forms and derive from countless sources. When it comes to building outdoor projects such as redwood decks for your backyard, your Beautiful redwood deckdeck doesn’t have to be just a simple platform. If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for your redwood deck ideas, there are many sources you can turn to. Books, magazines, TV shows, local contractors, your local lumber yard or home improvement center, and increasingly, the Internet, are all wonderful sources to help you get started. From appealing photographs detailing beautiful outdoor ambiance, to online plans illustrating clever designs and how-to videos; inspiration for building unique decks, fences and outdoor furniture is all around.

Redwood lumber is so easy to work with, even novice do-it-yourselfers can turn their redwood deck ideas into a thing of beauty with little more than a few tools, a set of redwood deck plans and little bit of ingenuity. You might even consider transforming that deck into a functional structure surrounding an outdoor pool, spa or water feature. If your backyard landscape happens to slope downward, a terraced deck can blend in with the outdoor environment and provide stunning views. A redwood deck doesn’t have to sit at ground level either. For those with a multi-story home, redwood decks can be built far above ground as an extension of your house.

Even if the limitations of a small backyard space require you to keep things simple, your deck does not have to be boring. Adding planters or benches to your deck can turn plain old redwood deck ideas into functioning masterpieces. But, why stop there? You can think outside the deck by embellishing your outdoor gathering place with additional features such as exquisite redwood lawn furniture and garden structures.

Inspiring creativity is often just a quick Google search away. Get started turning your redwood deck ideas into reality, and when you are ready to build, head on over to our Where to Buy page to find a retail lumber yard or independent home improvement store in your area.

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