Redwood Fencing: Planning Makes Perfect


If you are looking to add privacy, security and ambiance to your outdoor space, building redwood fences with Humboldt Redwood lumber is a great do-it-yourself project. Whether you’re browsing the Internet or a design magazine for beautiful fences, there’s an abundance of redwood fence ideas that will inspire you to visit your local lumber yard or home improvement retailer to get started.

Because planning makes perfect, take time to consider the layout of your backyard and other fence building variables. This may mean the difference between a fence that looks great and lasts for many years and one that does not. It may seem trivial, but there are a few items to which you should pay close attention when coming up with redwood fence plans.

First, before gathering the plans, tools and materials, it is a good idea to check local building codes and ordinances. Some communities have height restrictions or other standards for backyard fencing. If you live on a corner lot, additional considerations may apply. Even if you have height restrictions to contend with, in some cases, you can add lattice to portions of a fence, which will help increase privacy.

Next, remember that property lines are an important factor. It is always good to double-check that you aren’t building your fence on your neighbor’s property! In addition, be sure to research the location of any water lines or underground utilities prior to digging postholes.

Finally, identify any trees or outbuildings that may be in the path of your proposed fence. While it is sometimes possible to incorporate these elements into your design, you may have to change the layout of your fence prior to construction. And always remember, before getting started, measure twice, cut once!

With a bit of planning and preparation you can make your redwood fence the envy of your neighborhood. Whether you’re just getting started on a redwood project or are further along in the process, Humboldt Redwood lumber is an excellent choice for your project. Visit our Store Locator page to find Humboldt Redwood lumber products in your area.


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