Choose Sacramento Lumber For Your Lawn Furniture


Redwood, a homeowner-approved Sacramento lumber, is not only applied to large-scale home exterior projects like decks, porches, and fences. It is also a great lumber for small-scale do-it-yourself redwood projects. Redwood lawn furniture ideas are easily accomplished with the right grade of redwood. Transform your backyard or porch with furniture that will last for many years to come and offer a decorative flair to outdoor living spaces.

Crafting your furniture with redwood is relatively easy due to the inherent nature of the wood. Humboldt Redwood is available in many grades and sizes. It is a lightweight Sacramento lumber that can be easily sawed and drilled, requiring only basic woodworking tools. It is also resistant to warping, cupping, splitting and checking. This is due to the cell structure of redwood, which deters water absorption more than other woods. Redwood also possesses structural integrity and durability. Redwood lawn furniture built today will enjoy many years of service in your backyard.

Sacramento lumber provides a great natural contrast to Spanish-style California homes. It complements rich hues of burnt orange and creamy beige. It also looks fresh and minimalistic in both modern and traditional settings. Redwood lawn furniture may also be stained or painted to achieve a desired finish; redwood readily absorbs paints, stains, and finishes extremely well. Redwood maintenance is also minimal. Natural and finished redwood ages beautifully. However, you may want to chose a sealant that has extra UV protection to slow down the natural weathering process.

With all of the benefits of using a workable, yet sturdy material like Humboldt Redwood lumber, it is also nice to know that its environmental impact is also low. We take environmental stewardship very seriously, and our wood is compliant with Forest Stewardship Council standards. Choose redwood for your lawn furniture project and experience its unparalleled quality first hand.

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