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Redwood Decks

What is it about redwood decks that make them the ideal choice for outdoor living? It could be the color and unique beauty of each deck board. Humboldt Redwood is legendary for its rich red tone in the heartwood grades. Equally stunning are the sapwood grades that feature varying amounts of yellow-toned sapwood.

It could also be the workability. Legendary versatility and ease-of-use mean that building a durable Humboldt Redwood deck is achievable for the average homeowner or do-it-yourselfer using regular wood-working tools. No special equipment, tools, or training is required to properly install a Humboldt Redwood deck.

Most importantly is the natural durability of real redwood. Humboldt Redwood decking features shear strength up to five times greater than other decking materials. In addition, the natural tannins in redwood (which gives heartwood its distinctive warm, red color) impart natural resistance to insects, decay, and fire.

Redwood Porches

The classic front porch is making a comeback as the perfect place to greet friends and neighbors with a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Few other building materials can compete with real Humboldt Redwood when it comes to authenticity. Just like those lasting friendships and special memories, real Humboldt Redwood offers an authentic, one-of-a-kind experience that is not easily duplicated.

Factors to consider for well-apportioned redwood porches include furniture and lighting. Covered porches typically feature a ceiling fan/light combination to allow for maximum enjoyment into the evening hours. LED lighting can also be added to stairs and railings for enhanced safety and curb appeal.

When it comes to aesthetics, color, and design, the choice is all yours. You can choose to maintain the natural color of your Humboldt Redwood porch, or choose to paint or stain it. Because Humboldt Redwood has an open-cell structure, it absorbs and accepts paints and stains very well.


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