Deck Design Ideas

Choosing the right deck design for your home is essential, as you want a durable deck that is both beautiful and functional. If you’ve visited our Get Inspired section, then you know that Humboldt Redwood deck designs are varied and can include multiple levels, custom features, built-ins, and much more. Below are a few of the more important design elements to consider before starting your deck project.


Humboldt-Redwood-Deck-LevelsMany homeowners build decks that are simply extensions into their backyards. But decks can be much more elaborate, especially when you incorporate multiple levels, which can add dimension and originality to your deck design. Tiered levels can also accommodate a sloping or steep landscape. Decks featuring multiple levels can be sectioned into “rooms” for different activities such as a children’s play area, dining area, cooking area, and more. Just be careful not to overdo it. Too many levels or levels at unusual intervals could leave you without enough even floor space for tables and other furniture – or worse, create a tripping hazard.


Humboldt-Redwood-Deck-ShapeRedwood decks vary in shape from simple, square surfaces to elaborate, multi-level custom structures. There is no limit to what you can do, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. The shape you choose should conform to your space, taking advantage of both shady and sunny areas if possible. Also think about laying out the deck boards (i.e. designing the floor plan) in a way that complements the shape of your deck.

For example, if you are designing a deck which is long and narrow, it may be more complimentary to lay longer deck boards which span the length of the deck. This will reduce the number of cuts necessary and give the appearance of a larger deck.


Humboldt-Redwood-Deck-RailingRailings are an important safety feature and generally code required for any raised deck, but they’re also a great opportunity to add some embellishment to your deck design. A basic redwood 2×2 baluster railing can give your deck a clean, simple look. But you might also consider installing railing made from aluminum, steel cables, glass panels, or other, specialty materials. Other elements that can add detail to your deck railing include decorative post caps – which come in countless shapes, sizes, and styles.

Special Features

Humboldt-Redwood-Deck-Special-FeaturesMany Humboldt Redwood decks are built to incorporate a specific feature, like an outdoor kitchen, hot tub, or swimming pool. With any special feature, you’ll need to think about seating: how much space you’ll need and how the location of your seating will work with your feature. And if you’re installing an outdoor kitchen, also think about how the finish of the appliances might fit with the look of your deck.

Humboldt Redwood is naturally fire and weather resistant, so it is an excellent building material for these kinds of projects. Before moving forward with any design, make sure that your deck has a solid enough sub-structure to handle the added weight of your special feature.

Advice from the Professionals

Learn more about choosing a redwood deck design for your home by watching this informative video featuring veteran deck builder Jeff Imwalle. Then, gain access to our powerful Deck Designer Tool to design the beautiful deck of your dreams.


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