Fence Ideas for a Small Backyard


No need to feel “fenced in” in a small backyard.

It’s a bit of a design challenge to create a feeling of expansiveness in a small yard, yet still maintain the desired amount of privacy. Choosing the right fence design is the beginning of the solution.

A tall, solid fence will certainly keep nosy neighbors at bay, but it will also have the effect of shrinking the yard and walling you in—hardly the relaxing effect you’re looking for.

Here are some ideas for Humboldt Redwood fencing that will add just the right amounts of durability, security, privacy, warmth and aesthetic charm.

Lattice top Humboldt Redwood fencing provides open spacing for light at the top and gives your yard some breathing room. It adds a designer’s touch to your landscape.

Shadow box Humboldt Redwood fences offer a variation on the traditional picket fence. Viewed from an angle, the pickets do have visible spacing, but viewed from straight-on, the fence acts as a complete privacy fence. Choose a height that suits your house and your privacy requirements. This is a good application if you wish to have a finished look on both sides of the fence, or a “good neighbor” fence.

You can enhance a small yard by creating functional areas using landscaping and simple redwood garden structures – privacy screens, planters, pergolas, etc. Use louvered redwood screens to create a quiet conversation space; or line a patio with redwood planters to define a space with natural color.

So with a little imagination and Humboldt Redwood, you can turn a small backyard into a collection of functional spaces. For more ideas on how to create naturally warm and beautiful outdoor living environments, visit our Redwood Plans page.

When it’s time to buy Humboldt Redwood, you will find it can be conveniently found at independent lumber yards and home improvement retailers throughout the Western U.S. Visit our Where to Buy Humboldt Redwood page and search for a stocking dealer in your location.

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