Fence Design Ideas

By now you’ve done your research and found that redwood offers many advantages over other materials when it comes to fencing. Now it’s time to take a closer look at design options that are available to those that want to build a redwood fence and the ways to customize your design. There are a number of features to consider when building a redwood fence, and these include:

  • Height
  • Dimension
  • Amount of lumber needed
  • The best grade to use
  • How well the style conforms with the existing landscape

Once styles are compared side-by-side, it should become clear which one best meets your needs.

Redwood Fence Design Considerations

The stability, strength and beauty of Humboldt Redwood make it the logical choice when building a fence, but before buying any materials or choosing a style, decide first what purpose the fence will serve.

What Purpose Does Your Fence Serve

A fence is first and foremost about function. There are many reasons to build a fence, and those reasons will influence the design you choose. A fence that is built primarily for privacy will be dramatically different from one that is constructed to simply mark a property line. If it’s built to protect animals and children it will need to be a certain height and incorporate secure gates. Ask yourself why you need a fence and let that be your guide in the design process.

What Redwood Grade Will Work Best

Once you have defined the fence’s role, you next need to choose the right grade of Humboldt Redwood for the job. Redwood grades are defined by the wood’s durability as well as its appearance. Some grades are for general use while others have very specialized purposes. In any case, there is a redwood grade for every type of project and many redwood grades are ideal for building fences. The garden grades in particular have proven to be one of the best materials when building a redwood fence. This is due to the naturally present tannins in the redwood, which gives the wood its natural resistance to insects and decay.  Garden grades include:

  • Construction Common
  • Merchantable Common
  • Construction Heart
  • Merchantable Heart

Ideas to Create a Custom Look

Fences serve many purposes, which is reflected in the many different redwood fence design options that can be found today. A fence is also one of the most easily customizable outdoor structures so even if you use a basic design there are lots of ways to make it your own. Here are a few suggestions for how you can customize a redwood fence design.

  • Add an arbor to give the design of the fence more visual interest. This works particularly well with shorter fences.
  • Gates are a great way to add uniqueness and functionality to any fence. They can blend in with the rest of the fence or stand out as an entirely different element.
  • Add lattice paneling to the top to give the fence more privacy and a unique look.
  • Use varying heights of boards to create a staggered design. This is an easy way to kick standard flat style boards up a notch.
  • Put a lattice panel in place of boards at a few spots along the fence. This will open up the yard and it can be used to add greenery to the fence.
  • Go horizontal with the boards instead of vertical.
  • Use different widths of boards and spacing to create an interesting redwood fence design.

Consideration of the Details – Nails and Fasteners

Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the fasteners that hold everything together, but their role goes far beyond the building phase. First off, there’s the choice of screws versus nails. Most builders will tell you that there are pros and cons to each, and your best bet is to use both during the fence build for different parts of the project.

Do-it-yourself fence builders should remember to use only stainless steel, aluminum or top-quality hot dipped galvanized nails, bolts, screws and fasteners. Other types of fasteners may corrode when exposed to moisture and will cause dark, unsightly stains on the wood.

Get more information about Fasteners for Redwood to ensure you’re making the right hardware choices for your fence.

Start Your Project

Humboldt Redwood offers fencing materials that have been sustainably harvested and milled to the highest quality standards. No matter what terrain your fence runs across or the design you choose, Humboldt Redwood fencing products provide an attractive, strong perimeter for your yard. Find out Where to Buy Humboldt Redwood to see our high-quality fencing products firsthand.


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