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fence-made-using-redwood-lumberWhether you are a homeowner or a contractor, a Humboldt Redwood fence is an excellent choice to add a durable, yet attractive, perimeter around any home or business. Humboldt Redwood fence products offer a winning combination of beauty and durability that is unique amongst fencing options. If you are considering alternative materials for your fence project, be sure to put Humboldt Redwood on your list.

Build a Humboldt Redwood fence from the ground up by setting redwood posts, attaching redwood rails, and mounting Humboldt Redwood fence boards. Or, if you prefer, purchase pre-assembled Humboldt Redwood fence panels. These are simply attached to redwood posts that have been set in the ground, to quickly become a beautiful Humboldt Redwood fence. Whatever the style of fence you choose to build, Humboldt Redwood lumber products are available to make your project a reality.

Pre-Assembled Fence Panels vs. Post-and-Rail Construction

There are several options of Humboldt Redwood fence lumber to choose from, but which will work best for your project? The two primary options to choose between are: pre-assembled panels or fence boards nailed to posts and rails. To decide which option is ideal consider the following:

Ease of Installation – Pre-assembled fence panels have an advantage over building with boards and posts when it comes to the time and energy it takes to install the fence. Pre-assembled fence panels come with panels that are 6’ high and 8’ wide. The posts will have to be installed, but because entire sections are already put together, the fencing goes up faster compared to putting up each board individually.

Cost – While both options are affordable, typically pre-assembled paneling will cost more because some of the work has already been done for you. However, when calculating the true cost, factor in the added time it will take to build a fence from scratch. If you are hiring contractors the price difference can be made up in lower labor costs.

Terrain – Where the fence will be built will influence whether paneling or posts and boards are the better option. For flat terrain pre-assembled redwood fence panels will be quicker and easier to put up, however if there are changes to the grade of the ground this might make installation trickier. Post and board fence building will work across all types of terrain.

Style and Finish – What style of fence do you have in mind? There are many different styles of Humboldt Redwood fencing including lattice top, flat top, dog eared and ridge & valley. All styles offer excellent structural integrity and their own unique look. Different styles are available depending on whether you choose to work with boards or paneling so this is a significant consideration when deciding which option is best. Humboldt Redwood fencing is also offered in a number of grades, which will affect the finished look and feel of the fence.

Customization – Because nothing is pre-fabricated, board and post construction offers you more opportunities to customize your fence. You won’t be limited to the design and style of the pre-assembled panels and adding in additional features won’t be a problem.

Redwood Fencing Materials

Learn more about Humboldt Redwood fence products, redwood grades, and where you can buy our Humboldt Redwood products here:

Fence Panels

Humboldt Redwood fence panels are an excellent option for a beautiful, easy-to-build fence. Read about the different types of fence panels offered by Humboldt Redwood including lattice top and dog ear panel.

Fence Boards

Redwood fence boards are an excellent choice for custom fence heights and the use of multiple fence styles. With fence boards, you have the flexibility to customize your fence design or choose from one of our three distinct styles, including dog ear, flat top, and ridge & valley. Learn more information about the grades, dimensions, and lengths of fence boards available from Humboldt Redwood.

Fence Posts and Rails

Posts and rails are the backbone of a great fence, providing the framework from which the rest of the fence is built. Learn more about how fence posts and rails are used in building a redwood fence, and the types offered by Humboldt Redwood, including various grades and finish characteristics.

Redwood Grades

Humboldt Redwood fence boards are available in heartwood and sapwood grades. Appearance and durability are the two important factors by which Redwood is graded, as defined by the Redwood Inspection Service. Learn more about these grades, including variance in appearance and use, by visiting our Redwood Heartwood Grades and Redwood Sapwood Grades pages.

Start Your Project

Humboldt Redwood fencing is available at lumber yards and home improvement retailers. Visit our Where to Buy Humboldt Redwood page to find a location near you and start your fencing project today.


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