Fence Posts and Rails

Humboldt Redwood posts and rails provide the perfect framework for virtually any style of fence. When you build a redwood fence from the ground up, determining where each post will go and setting them will be one of the first steps in the building process. Humboldt Redwood posts provide a sturdy, durable base to build from because they are easy to work with, rot resistant, insect resistant and require very little maintenance.

fence posts and rails on fence

Humboldt redwood posts and rails offer optimum support without detracting from the design and aesthetics of your fence. There are several grades and dimensions of redwood products to choose from, including:

Humboldt Redwood Fence Posts & Rails

Humboldt Redwood fence posts and rails are available in the following dimension, length, and grades:

Dimension Length Grades Available Finish Characteristics Available
2”x4” Rails 6’ – 20’ Premium, Con Heart Rough
4”x4” Posts 6’ – 20’ Con Common, Con Heart Rough

They may not be the most standout part of the fencing, but redwood posts and rails are the infrastructure that holds it all together. No matter what style or dimensions you choose, whether you opt to build with panels or individual boards, Humboldt Redwood posts and rails will keep supporting your fence throughout the seasons for many years to come.

Where to Buy

Humboldt Redwood fence posts and rails are available at select, independent lumber yards and home improvement retailers. Please visit our Where to Buy Humboldt Redwood page to find a location where you can buy all of the redwood fencing materials needed for the job. Please note that product availability varies by location. Please inquire at the location nearest you for additional information and special order options.


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