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Love relaxing outdoors? If you do, high-quality outdoor furniture is a must-have. While plastic and metal options are certainly available, they don’t offer the beauty and resistance to high heat that is inherent to real redwood. For an outdoor space that is livable, consider the possibilities Humboldt Redwood furniture offers. Popular redwood furniture options include:

  • Adirondack Chair
  • Adirondack Swing
  • Picnic Table
  • Benches
  • Outdoor Kitchen Area
  • Outdoor Bar & Barstools

Some of the reasons to choose Humboldt Redwood for your outdoor furniture include an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and low thermal conductivity properties. Redwood is lightweight, yet extremely strong. This means that furniture made of Humboldt Redwood is easy to move around, but can withstand heavy loads. Teak and other tropical hardwood outdoor furniture is typically very heavy and difficult to move without help.

Featuring a low thermal conductivity, Humboldt Redwood remains safe and comfortable, even during the hot summer months. Competing materials often feature higher thermal conductivity ratings and may even suggest consumer warnings about heat, softening, and other performance concerns under high heat conditions.

Redwood Interiors

The rich beauty of redwood interiors suggests an atmosphere of warmth and luxury for homes, offices, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. Working with Humboldt Redwood, designers and architects have a choice of color, dimension, texture, grain, and pattern.

The excellent workability of fine-grained Humboldt Redwood makes it an ideal material for highly detailed patterns, moulding, cabinetry, and other specialty applications. Longer lengths may be available for work on ceilings or long walls.

Since Humboldt Redwood contains little or no volatile resin, it is relatively hard to ignite, burns slowing once ignited, and forms a protective char layer over the wood beneath. Humboldt Redwood has earned a Class B fire rating from the state of California and may be used in all fire hazard zones. Learn more by downloading this informative brochure: Redwood Fire Safety.

With a low density, redwood has a relatively high degree of insulation when compared against other woods. Redwood’s K value equals 0.83 resulting in R values of 0.62 for 1-inch lumber.

Redwood exhibits excellent sound insulation properties, so it may be used in building projects such as performance halls, public spaces, and transit stations.


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