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To transform your backyard, deck or porch areas into a true outdoor living oasis, build redwood furniture with this durable, beautiful material. Humboldt Redwood is an extremely workable material that is both lightweight and strong, so you can have confidence tackling this do-it-yourself project. Plus, when you build Humboldt Redwood furniture, you can be assured the final product will serve your family for years to come. Humboldt Redwood is resistant to insects and decay and very easy to maintain for long-lasting enjoyment.

When you build redwood furniture yourself, you have total control over the design and execution of every piece. The sense of accomplishment you’ll experience upon successfully completing your own building project is unparalleled. Revisit that feeling of pride every time you, your family, or friends sit down around your self-made picnic table for a relaxing outdoor meal.

Elect to use Humboldt Redwood to build redwood furniture, and you will not regret choosing one of the most naturally beautiful and environmentally friendly materials available. Humboldt Redwood features a variety of characteristics that make it ideal for a variety of building projects such as decks, fences and other landscape solutions, not to mention outdoor furniture. It withstands the elements exceptionally well and is resistant to warping, cupping, splitting and checking.

Meanwhile, the material is easy to work with when you build redwood furniture, due to its lightweight yet strong nature. It can be easily sawed and drilled, requiring the use of only the most basic woodworking tools to achieve results. It also accepts paints, stains and other finishes very well. On the other hand, Humboldt Redwood’s natural rich color ages beautifully, even if left to weather naturally with no additional stain or paint applied.

Humboldt Redwood dimensional lumber products may be purchased at select, independent lumber yards and home improvement retailers. Please visit our Where to Buy Humboldt Redwood page to find a stocking location in your area.


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