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When you’re considering installing a new interior element to refresh and improve the design of your home, compare redwood interiors to other materials. You have a lot of options when it comes to creating decorative interiors such as wood paneling, kitchen cabinetry or shelving. There are several important considerations to make when you compare redwood interiors.

The first big decision is choosing which type of wood to use. A perennial favorite in both indoor and outdoor living design, real wood can be used to create contemporary or traditional styles to suit any taste. Hardwood species such as oak and maple are popular, while softwoods like Douglas-fir, cedar and redwood are also well-suited to many applications.

When it comes to narrowing down your decision to the precise species of wood you want to work with, you will want to consider several important factors:

  1. Consider how well the wood accepts paints and other finishes.
  2. Consider the ease-of-use of the wood species.
  3. Consider durability and how long you intend to use the particular interior element you plan on building.
  4. If the environment is important to you, you may want to research the species you are interested in to determine whether it is generally grown and harvested in an environmentally responsible manner.

When comparing Humboldt Redwood against other wood species or alternative materials, it stacks up very nicely!

  1. No other natural wood takes and holds finishes better than Humboldt Redwood.
  2. Because it is lightweight, yet very strong, Humboldt Redwood can be cut, sawed, and drilled with regular wood-working tools to create any number of specialty interior projects.
  3. The durability of Humboldt Redwood is legendary; heartwood grades are naturally resistant to insects and decay for years to long-lasting usage.
  4. Humboldt Redwood lumber is harvested from Forest Stewardship Council certified forestlands in Northern California; our forestry practices adhere to the strictest standards in place today.

If you have additional questions about which wood to use, talk to an architect or contractor for advice about which type of wood is better suited for your interior design project.


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