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The Home Projects Council (HPC), a collection of home improvement experts from various fields, recently conducted a survey of 540 homeowners and found that one of the most popular do-it-yourself home improvement projects is landscaping a front or backyard area. The second most popular project is planting a garden.

When it comes time for homeowners to start their landscaping and gardening projects more often than not they’ll turn to natural materials, like real Humboldt Redwood, to make their dreams a reality. The reasons for this are varied, but also very simple. Humboldt Redwood landscapes and gardens are easy to build, non-toxic, environmentally responsible, and a great value.

Easy to Build

The average homeowner should have no problem selecting, lifting, or carrying Humboldt Redwood boards for their landscaping or garden project. This is because redwood possesses a good strength to weight ratio, meaning that it is lightweight, yet strong and durable. In addition, because redwood cuts, saws, and drills very easily, no special tools or equipment are needed.


Humboldt Redwood lumber is naturally free from harmful chemicals or petroleum additives that may be found in alternative materials like plastic composites. Because it is a natural wood product that has not been pressure treated, it is an excellent option for planters and garden boxes where edible plants, herbs, or vegetables may be grown.

Environmentally Responsible

Humboldt Redwood is an environmentally friendly option for landscapes and gardens. Biodegradable redwood lumber does not end up in landfills at the end of its useful life. And for every tree we take out of the forest during harvesting, we replant approximately seven seedlings in its place, ensuring an ongoing cycle of renewal and replenishment.

Great Value

Humboldt Redwood is available in a variety of grades, including the very economical “Merchantable” heartwood and sapwood grades, which are perfect for redwood landscapes and gardens. Homeowners on a budget should also remember to ask their lumberyard or local home improvement retailer to help them select Humboldt Redwood lumber in cost-effective dimensions, such as 8 and 14 foot lengths. These lengths can be easily customized to create landscapes and garden boxes or planters that are a great value.


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