Build a Redwood Landscape

Redwood is a wonderful deck material, but that’s just one way it can be incorporated into your yard. If you want to create a landscape with wow-factor, redwood is the perfect choice for a variety of projects. Humboldt Redwood is extremely easy to work with, will last for decades and adds visual appeal that compliments just about every type of landscaping.

Keep reading to discover how to use Humboldt Redwood in your yard and get ideas for redwood landscaping projects.

Redwood Projects That Add to Your Landscape

Virtually any type of landscaping project can be built using redwood. Unlike some other types of wood, redwood does not need to be treated, which means it’s non-toxic and all-natural. It’s durable while still being lightweight for finished projects that are easy to install and will last for decades. Redwood is also naturally rot and insect resistant, just a few more reasons it’s perfect for outdoor projects.

Here are some suggestions on how redwood can be used in landscaping projects.


Enjoy the great outdoors by creating a comfortable seating space. From swings to benches to picnic tables, redwood is strong enough for furniture construction and has a warm, inviting look that draws you in.

Ideas to try:


Because it is all-natural, redwood is ideal for garden boxes and planters to hold flowering plants, herbs, and even a vegetable garden. It will keep things contained whether you opt to do smaller, free-standing planters that can be placed anywhere or garden beds in a larger space.

Ideas to try:


When you want to create outdoor structures such as pergolas it’s important to use materials that can stand up to the elements. In addition to exceptional resistance to insects and decay, redwood has stability that’s second to none. It has a good strength-to-density ratio, and nails and screws fasten easily into redwood for secure structural integrity.

Ideas to try:

To get project plans, see photos for inspiration and more, please visit the Redwood Landscape Project Plans page.

Getting It Done – Tips on Building with Redwood

Here are a few more ways to ensure your redwood landscaping project is a success.

Get a Kit – Kits are an easy way to build with redwood. Project kits are especially useful if you don’t have much experience building; the kits will come pre-cut and pre-drilled, ready to be assembled. In addition to the wood, kits also include hardware and instructions. It’s everything you need to get a redwood landscaping project completed in no time.

Finish the Redwood – To add an extra layer of protection finish the redwood with a clear water repellent, semitransparent stain or paint. Tests conducted by the Forest Products Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Agriculture have shown that no other domestic wood accepts and retains finishes better than redwood.

You can let the redwood age without a finish, which is suggested for garden beds and planter boxes containing edible plants and vegetables to avoid toxins potentially mixing with the soil.


Humboldt Redwood is available from excellent lumber yards and home improvement retailers. When you are ready to start your landscaping project, it is easy to Find a Humboldt Redwood location nearest you with our easy-to-use search tool.


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