Landscaping Lumber

Taking on a landscaping project comes with a lot of decisions. Deciding which materials to use is one of the first big to-dos for any project big or small. For outdoor projects you’ll need something that can handle the elements as well as resist insects, rot and decay.  To protect your investment you’ll want a material that is durable and has a long lifespan.

The one landscaping material that is easy to work with, inherently beautifully and lasts for decades is real Humboldt Redwood.

Humboldt Redwood landscape products offer a number of advantages over alternative materials, including versatility and durability despite the elements. Naturally resistant to insects and decay, Humboldt Redwood can be used in virtually any type of landscaping application including those close to the ground. Because real Humboldt Redwood is completely natural and non-toxic, it may also be used in applications where vegetables and edible herbs are grown.

Redwood Benderboard & Stakes

Keep plants in place with Humboldt Redwood benderboard and stakes. Gardeners and lawn enthusiasts alike will tell you what a difference this landscaping wood makes when maintaining a manicured yard.

Humboldt Redwood benderboard is an affordable, versatile option for edging around gardens, decks and walkways to keep grass from growing where it shouldn’t. These thin pieces of redwood are flexible and easy to work with even when the edging needs to curve around corners.

Redwood stakes are an inexpensive way to give your plants the support they need to grow straight and strong. They can be used with young trees, edible vegetables like tomatoes or delicate flowers.

Redwood Lattice & Lath

Humboldt Redwood lattice and lath are the ultimate landscaping wood products for providing privacy, shade, plant support and an attractive design element outdoors. Lattice can be used in place of a fence around a yard or garden, or it can be used to hide septic tanks, garbage cans and air conditioning units.

Humboldt Redwood products are available at lumberyards and home improvement retailers. Visit one of the many Humboldt Redwood locations to see the products firsthand and find out more from the lumber experts.


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