Lattice and Lath

Humboldt Redwood lattice and lath are traditional landscaping materials that can quickly transform an outdoor area into something more unique and attractive. Together these redwood products can be used to create a variety of landscaping design elements:

  • Fencing
  • Borders for gardens and flowerbeds
  • Support for vertical growing plants
  • Barriers for privacy
  • Hiding unattractive objects such as  AC units

With a wide range of dimensions and designs, Humboldt Redwood lattice and lath offer homeowners more ways of utilizing their outdoor space. Because these items are constructed with garden grade material, they are two of the most affordable types of landscaping wood available.

Humboldt Redwood Lattice Landscaping Wood

Humboldt Redwood lattice has a timeless, elegant quality and may be used in any number of ways to add charm to your backyard. This heavy-duty lattice is capable of supporting a wide variety of plants at varying weights while also adding privacy. Humboldt Redwood lattice retains stains and paints well so that it can be incorporated into existing structures with ease.

Beautiful and durable, Humboldt Redwood lattice can withstand the elements and stand strong for years to come.

Humboldt Redwood Lath Landscaping Wood

Redwood lath is a component piece of redwood lattice and can be used to repair latticework that may become broken or bent.

Humboldt Redwood Lattice & Lath Specifications

Humboldt Redwood pre-assembled redwood lattice is available in a wide range of configurations, including both framed and unframed styles. Homeowners can choose between garden style designs that feature diamond or square shaped openings. Privacy and triple weave styles are also available for those that intend to use Humboldt Redwood lattice for fencing or other projects that require added privacy and strength.

Humboldt Redwood lattice and lath is available in the following dimensions, finish characteristics and hole design:

Dimension Finish Characteristics Available Hole Design
1’x8’ Garden, Privacy, Triple Weave Diagonal, Square
2’x8’ Garden, Privacy, Triple Weave Diagonal, Square
4’x8’ Garden, Privacy, Triple Weave Diagonal, Square

Humboldt Redwood lattice and lath are available at select, independent lumberyards and home improvement retailers. If you’d like to start building with our quality redwood products visit our Where to Buy Humboldt Redwood page to find a location near you.

Do note that product availability varies by location. Please inquire at the location nearest you for additional information and special order options.


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