Allweather Wood Treated Lumber

Allweather WoodThe Allweather Wood brand of high-quality, pressure treated lumber is also available through our lumber yard and home improvement retail partners. As the largest pressure treated lumber operation in the Western U.S., Allweather Wood is able to offer a wide variety of standard and specialty products for any number of building applications. Download our free, informative Allweather Wood Brochure to learn more.

With six locations throughout the Western U.S., Allweather Wood is able to stock specific wood species for products that best support the market needs in those areas. Some of the wood species available include Southern pine, Hem fir, and Douglas-fir. In addition, the company’s advanced pressure treating facilities allow for a range of treatment options including Borate, ACQ, CCA, and fire retardant treated. Some of the pressure treated lumber products available from Allweather Wood include:

Pressure treated lumber offers several advantages to contractors, homeowners, and architects. In addition to being long-lasting, pressure treated lumber offers the same environmental advantages of non-treated lumber. Wood from well-managed forests is a renewable resource, grown and harvested in a responsible manner. Wood products manufactured into pressure treated lumber are continually replenished in healthy forests every year. And, because the treatment process extends the useful life of the wood, structures made with pressure treated lumber remain in service for many years.

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