Redwood vs. Plastic Decking

When building or restoring a deck, one of your most basic considerations will be choosing a decking material for the project. Today there are many deck material options on the market, and natural redwood and plastic (also called composite lumber) are two of the most popular. It is important to understand the differences between these materials, and how they affect the cost, construction, and even the environmental impact of your deck project.

Look & Feel

When it comes to the look and feel of real wood, nothing compares to redwood decking. No artificial material like plastic can reproduce the organic structure or mimic the way natural wood grain feels to the touch of your bare feet on a deck. And plastic decks can become uncomfortably hot on warm summer days. See for yourself how redwood shines with its natural good looks.

Cost & Value

Your cost of building and owning a deck include not only the upfront purchase of building materials, but also the labor construction costs as well as ongoing maintenance over the lifetime of your deck. When taken all together, the cost of a plastic deck is often more expensive than a redwood deck. View the redwood vs. plastic composite comparison chart to see how redwood stacks up against plastic decking.

Environmental Benefit

Plastic is a petroleum product that requires resource-intensive manufacturing processes from non-renewable resources. Redwood is an abundant and renewable resource that comes from sustainably managed forests right here in the USA. Learn why redwood one of the greenest building materials available for your deck project.

Redwood vs. Plastic Composite Video

When selecting materials for a new deck, you have many options to choose from. When trying to decide between redwood vs. plastic composite decking, several factors are important. Compare the features of redwood vs. plastic composite in this informative video and see for yourself why redwood is often the preferred choice.

Where to Buy Humboldt Redwood

Have you chosen the natural beauty and strength of redwood for your deck? To see the beauty of redwood for yourself and to get a quote on your decking project, please visit a Humboldt Redwood dealer partner in your area. Find out where to buy Humboldt Redwood and start your project today!


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