Redwood vs. Reclaimed Wood

Redwood vs. Reclaimed Wood

Trying to choose between Redwood vs. Reclaimed Wood for a home improvement project? While popular in outdoor living and home design projects, Reclaimed Wood should be considered carefully as it is not without some pitfalls. 


Because of the popularity of Reclaimed Wood, some dealers have been enticed to make false claims about the source of their products, selling “new” wood to customers while marketing it as “reclaimed”. Humboldt Redwood on the other hand is harvested from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forestlands in Northern California. Every day we grow more than we harvest.  Before you buy, ask yourself whether you know where your wood comes from.


Reclaimed Wood is often more expensive than Redwood due to extensive sourcing and restoration for use as a finished lumber product.  Reclaimed Wood is sourced from around the world, often incurring expensive transportation costs that become part of the final price tag. Old wood with nails and other defects must also be sorted and prepared for safe usage. Redwood is 100% American made in Northern California and does not contain old nails, screws, paint, or other finishes.


Reclaimed Wood is sourced from a large number of locations, old buildings, even from the bottom of old lakes and riverbeds. Given the many variabilities in sourcing, the wood itself is often inconsistent from board-to-board. And while some variability is part of the charm of Reclaimed Wood, Redwood offers similar charm, but is sourced from a consistent supply base and milled to exacting standards. .

Hidden dangers

If you don’t purchase Reclaimed Wood from a company that sorts and processes it to the highest possible standards, you may find hidden dangers like mold, pesticides, insects, and general rot. These can all destroy your building project. But consider that Redwood heartwood is naturally resistant to insects and decay. When you are installing a new deck, or other building project, you are far more likely to have a long lasting addition to your home using high-quality Humboldt Redwood lumber as opposed to Reclaimed Lumber.


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