Restoring your Redwood Deck


A Redwood deck is an extension of your family’s living space and is no doubt well-used and well-loved.  After a few years of use, however, it may be in need of some restoration to bring back the original beauty, color, and natural warmth. Fortunately, Humboldt Redwood is an exceptional material of proven strength, durability, and long-lasting beauty, grown in California and well-adapted to its climate.  Because redwood is naturally resistant to insects, decay, warping and splitting, restoring your deck is an easy process with satisfying results.

The first step will be cleaning debris and checking for any minor repairs that may be needed. After that, wash with a stiff non-metal bristle brush and a simple cleaning solution and allow to dry completely. If your deck is stained in areas or weathered gray, you can use a product containing oxalic acid to remove the stains and restore the natural color.  The final step is to select a finish to seal in the natural beauty and protect the deck from the elements.  There are several options: a clear, water repellant with mildewcide; an oil-based, penetrating stain; a semi-transparent stain; or a solid color stain.  Selection of a finish will depend on your personal tastes, preferences, and home design style.

A detailed, step-by step guide on the process of restoring your deck to its original beauty can be found by viewing our Redwood Refinishing Video.

With a small amount of effort, your deck can look like new and be ready for many years of family enjoyment!

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