Video: Stream Restoration in Redwood Forestlands



Stream Restoration

Mike Jani, President Chief Forester

“Over the years there have been various types of roads built across all these properties. Many of them using undersized culverts that were put in 50 years ago. Because they’re metal the bottoms are rusty now. And so we’re very systematically going through the properties, inventorying which are our oldest pipes, and which pipes if they fail have in potential to deliver sediment into streams. And we prioritize, and go back in dig out old pipes if it’s appropriate, put in a new properly sized culvert and in cases where the drainage really is too big too accommodate a culvert, we’ll remove both the culvert and the dirt that is covering the culvert and put in bridges.”

Sarah Billig, Stewardship Director

“So what is going to happen here is we’re actually going to take out this culvert. What we’re going to do clean out all this dirt in between this side of the creek and the other side of the creek.
Then we’re clean all that out, put it in a safe place where it won’t go anywhere, and we’re going to build a bridge across this creek and the creek will go at a grade where the salmon can actually make it up to the other side. Our assessment has shown that there is about 1000 feet of creek further up that the salmon could use to spawn, that can now be opened up by putting that bridge into place.”

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