Enhancing the Wine Tasting Experience with Redwood 

“We build to enhance the experience for each individual guest who visits.”

                 – Tyler Osburg-Head, Hospitality Manager




At ZO Wines, a family owned, Farmstay winery, the tasting experience is more than sipping on delicious estate varietals under the California sun. It’s an experience that encompasses the view of Dry Creek Valley, the fresh scent of Sonoma County, the warm touch of redwood, and selected aromas for sensory tastings that pair with their delicious vintages. ZO Wines has a unique goal: they believe that the process of sipping wine is as important as tasting it. The relationship is symbiotic. Their unique tasting model sets them apart from other wineries in the Sonoma and Napa regions of California.


In addition to crafting wines, most of which are estate grown, and highlighting the importance of the full tasting experience, ZO Wines is also a Farmstay. There are multiple rooms that guests can select to rent for a night or an entire weekend. Each room has a cozy and welcoming feel, all of which contribute to their mission of tying together a lovely experience with delicious wines.


The natural and warm aesthetics of the property pairs nicely with the varietals at ZO Wines. The main house at the winery was originally built in 1906, just after the historic San Francisco earthquake, about 60 miles south of the property. Nearly a century later, when ZO Wines took over the property, the team remodeled the home, carefully selecting exterior paint and a style that related to its original appearance. The Hospitality Manager, Tyler, and team went “through archives at the Healdsburg Museum & Historical Society to find the original color and style of the house.” They identify the remodel approach as important because “it keeps a historic element of the winery and Farmstay.”


While the color and main style was kept the same as the original house, the ZO Wines team decided to add a touch of newness to the home as well. Alongside the house is a redwood pergola and deck overlooking the vineyards, garden, and hillside. Redwood was chosen for the structure because its warm, vibrant tones and natural appearance adds to the comfortable feel of the property and fits the style of the century old home. Redwood expands on the coziness of the winery and creates a space for guests to sit and feel relaxed while enjoying the view and the delicious flavors in their glasses. It is a space meant for creating new and special memories.


The newest addition that ZO Wines will incorporate is a redwood gazebo located on the opposing side of the vineyard and original house, to be completed by spring 2019. It will include a seating area for guests to sip wine and remain cool; redwood is naturally cool to the touch, even on the hottest summer day. Tyler explained that the reason they are adding new structures “isn’t necessarily to expand, but more to enhance the experience for each individual guest who visits.” ZO Wines desires that all their visitors enjoy their stay, whether it’s just an afternoon visit or a weekend get-away.


The choice of adding a redwood oasis as the gathering location on the property reinforces their goal of expanding on the full tasting experience. Enjoying ZO Wines and the memories made during the visit contributes to the whole. Whether it’s a vacation or a stay-cation, sipping at ZO Wines is all about the appreciating delicious varietals and creating special memories under the redwood pergola while overlooking the beauty of Dry Creek Valley.




For information on scheduling a tasting, a vacation, or a trip around the Dry Creek region, contact ZO Wines by visiting their website.