Thanksgiving may look a little different for everyone this year, but that doesn’t mean that the holiday can’t bring us together in fun, fresh new ways. With guest lists scaled back, and perhaps some open windows for extra ventilation, there are still plenty of ways to make Thanksgiving feel special and exciting. One way is to pick a “theme” for the big day: planning the menu is half the fun – as is the table setting!

For our redwood Thanksgiving table settings, we chose to shoot outdoors: currently in California, the weather has been bright and sunny. Of course, this won’t be a possibility for everyone! Invite the warmth and beauty of redwood into your home by bringing a redwood picnic table indoors or using redwood vases to store napkins or flowers on the table. This beautiful redwood table was created by Redwood Northwest.

For our project we created three different themes for a Thanksgiving table setting, all using redwood. Make this project extra fun and festive by collaborating with friends and family and give them a theme too! Then the day of, share pictures or use a live-streaming service to see how everyone’s theme turned out. We may be doing things differently this year, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be together in spirit.

modern thanksgiving theme with redwood table and vases

Theme one: The Modern Dinner

For a modern themed Thanksgiving dinner, we wanted to keep colors and patterns simple. Using a neutral palette of black, cream, and grey, we allowed the natural warmth and beauty of the redwood table and vases to shine through. A nice touch of flowers and foliage kept the setting feeling fresh and casual – two very important things for Thanksgiving! If using a modern theme, pick 3-4 colors that you like, and stick to them. To add visual interest, try mixing up textures and patterns.

Why redwood? It is durable and natural material that adds warmth to any room. Its natural beauty lends itself to a wide variety of personal style, making Thanksgiving décor no exception. The attractive rich red color enhances any setting that you have in your home. Because redwood furniture is a lightweight, it can easily be moved about your home as needed. Yet for all that lightness, redwood is one of nature’s strongest building materials - making it long lasting.

bright and festive redwood table thanksgiving theme

Theme two: The Bright and Festive Dinner

With everything looking so different this year, we say embrace it! Turn tradition on its head by going for décor in bright festive colors and patterns. Opt for colorful bouquets of flowers, funky patterned glassware and dishes, and invite guests to contribute something unique of their own: be it a new, non-traditional dish, or perhaps a quirky set of salt and pepper shakers.

No matter what your tablescape theme, know that your redwood furniture will be long-wearing, naturally rot resistant, and low maintenance. While perfect for an indoor dining setting, redwood furniture is ideal for the outdoors as well: redwood stands up to the elements, resisting warping and splitting, and stays comfortable against bare skin on hot sunny days. Redwood is an ideal material all year round!

updated classic redwood table thanksgiving setting

Theme three: An Updated Classic Dinner

The classics are classic for a reason! Give your Thanksgiving table setting an update by playing with texture and shape: sometimes some new playful napkin rings, and textured plates are all you need! Use your extra redwood vases to store surplus napkins and silverware to keep things casual.

Feeling inspired to add more redwood to your Thanksgiving table? We would love to see what you come up with! If you use redwood in your Thanksgiving décor, please share it with us, along with your inspirations for an opportunity to be shared on our Humboldt Sawmill socials! Also, be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more ideas!