Quality landscape architecture demands materials that are beautiful and long lasting. Wood used outdoors must withstand environmental elements yet retain its symmetry and aesthetic purpose. Humboldt Redwood is the one wood that meets these landscaping requirements. Humboldt Redwood’s total performance is a function of its inherent beauty, natural resistance to termites and decay, dimensional stability, ease of use, and finish retention. One characteristic that is less frequently mentioned but for which it is equally renowned is its versatility or its ease of being beautifully integrated with other quality materials. Perhaps nowhere is this versatility more valued than in the field of landscape architecture and design.

Humboldt Redwood marketing and sales staff had the pleasure of touring several sites on the San Francisco Peninsula with master landscape designer Michael Galli of Metamorphosis Landscaping. During the past 30+ years, Michael and his team have designed and constructed some 200 landscape projects in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. “Two important criteria that nearly all clients desire when moving forward with a new landscape for their home are that the design must maximize the use of their existing property and it is critical that the landscape works with the home’s existing architecture. The landscape also needs to be an extension of their home’s living space.” 

Metamorphosis Landscaping Deck in Millbrae, CA

To accomplish this, a variety of natural materials are incorporated into the space. Plant selection and placement form the primary concept for the design. Other features such as decking, gates and fencing, garden structures, benches, planters, arbors, trellises and pergolas constructed of natural wood are designed to complement the vegetation. Beautiful and durable Humboldt Redwood timbers are one of the primary materials selected for many of these structures. The redwood and other woods complement with natural stone for walkways, planters and water features further enhancing the clients desire to be surrounded by nature. One thing you will not see in any of these projects is plastic or composite decking or furniture. Focus groups have shown that while most folks are surrounded by plastic and other synthetic materials while at work, when they come home, they want to be surrounded by environmentally friendly natural materials like sustainably harvested Humboldt Redwood. Homeowners in this market tend to be highly educated, many are doctors or University professors and they understand the lasting value of natural materials. The abundance of hummingbirds and butterflies observed in these yards illustrates their affinity for the natural aesthetic.

Timeless in design and execution, these projects improve with age and look as good or better 20 years after installation. Seasonal pruning, fertilization and planting of annuals are part of the plan. The redwood is ageless and most clients contract for a maintenance program where all the wood is cleaned and refinished every two years. Superdeck is the finish of choice for these discerning homeowners.

Metamorphosis Landscaping Spa Surround in San Mateo, CA


According to Duckback Products’ representative Yolanda Waters, “Superdeck is a high-quality oil-based transparent stain using microscopically ground iron oxide pigments to help reflect the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays. Metamorphosis clients prefer Superdeck Transparent Redwood (1903) for its ability to keep the redwood looking its natural best.” Crews are active in the late Spring months doing maintenance, so the projects are at their peak appearance during the long Bay Area summers.

Metamorphosis Landscaping long-term outlook is additionally illustrated by its working relationship with vendors and suppliers. As an example, Dolan’s Lumber in Pinole, CA has been supplying quality California redwood to Metamorphosis for nearly 30 years. “It started by supplying a modest project in nearby Pittsburg, CA”, states Dolan’s Store Manager Robert Cinelli. “That worked out so well, we started sending trucks of redwood, treated and other materials down the Peninsula, and we continue to do so to this day.” Established in 1959, Dolan’s Lumber is celebrating their 60th year of business in 2019. “It’s amazing to think that for nearly half of our existence as a company, we have been dealing with such a great customer as Michael Galli of Metamorphosis Landscaping” says Cinelli.

Dolan’s Lumber Pinole stocks Humboldt Redwood decking, lumber, timbers, and uppers, as well as pressure treated lumber from Allweather Wood.

Metamorphosis Landscaping Pergola in Palo Alto, CA