From the Mill to the Corporate Office: Humboldt Redwood Gains a Picnic Table 


When the corporate office decided on adding a redwood picnic table for their outdoor patio area, two members of the marketing team, Amber and Stephanie, took it upon themselves to assemble one of the benches that arrived as a kit! The table and benches were purchased from their customer, Redwood Northwest, located in Eugene, Oregon, who sells custom redwood projects in addition to raw lumber sourced from Humboldt Redwood.


To get started, they opened the package and jumped in to action. The kit was neatly put together and came with an instruction manual, drill bits, and three components of the bench: the main part (where people would sit once assembled), two stabilizer pieces for each side, and two sets of triangular legs. Redwood Northwest had already drilled holes in the bench to lay out where the screws would be attached. The task at hand was simple: the legs and stabilizers needed to be connected to the main seating piece. That’s when they pulled out the drill.




Redwood Northwest is a unique company because in addition to selling raw redwood lumber, they also build, finish, and create custom projects such as pergolas, arbors, garden beds, coffee tables, and more. A few months prior to the picnic table project, Redwood Northwest, owner Tom, met the Digital Marketing Coordinator, Stephanie, in person at their yard in Eugene. At the meeting, Tom gave her a tour of their yard and showed her where the projects are built and the types of projects that they create. Upon arriving back home in California, the staff in the corporate office expressed that they wanted a redwood picnic table. And the decision of where to purchase one was easy. It was perfect timing to make an order with Redwood Northwest!


Beyond building redwood products, Redwood Northwest also ships their products across the country, which is why they were happy to send the redwood table and benches from Eugene, Oregon all the way to Northern California. Tom explained that “they will pretty much ship anywhere that people want redwood furniture, which is why I put our number on the side of each project that we make”: 541-434-2166.



The project was quick, easy, simple, and it served as an afternoon thirty-minute-bonding experience. In addition, the marketing team enjoyed the feeling of working with the product that they market in the hands-on setting. Amber, Marketing Manager, and Stephanie explained that the “redwood is durable, yet light and easy to work with, which made our job of assembling and moving it easy!” The project took the team just a few minutes to put everything together with the help of a drill. “My favorite part is knowing that the redwood came full circle: It traveled from the forestlands to the mill, to the customer, to the corporate office” explained Stephanie. “My favorite part was using the drill!” Amber chimed in. The two are happy to have a vibrant redwood picnic table to enjoy lunch (and maybe a few meetings) under the beautiful California sun.





For more information on how to purchase a redwood picnic table or other custom projects from Redwood Northwest, visit their website or call 541-434-2166! 


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