Is your backyard dreary? Do you avoid inviting family or friends over because of the way it looks? Ready to make a change? You’ve come to the right place!

There are abundant resources to help you build your perfect backyard. Whether you want to build it yourself, or hire the job out to a professional, get started with the best resources available. Build your perfect backyard and then reap the rewards – a private oasis to cook, read, relax, sip wine, practice yoga, or any other hobbies or pastimes you enjoy most.

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Backyard Design Resources

One of the most popular backyard design resources is Pinterest. With more than 175 billion pins covering all imaginable areas of interest, it stands to reason that there are millions of inspiring backyard design boards and pins. With the use of good keywords, the Pinterest algorithm will “learn” what you like best and continually improve the results delivered to your fingertips.

Houzz is another online resource with millions of images, focused on all things home-related. Most Houzz content is shared by building professionals (architects, contractors, builders, and designers). This is particularly practical for homeowners looking to hire a professional. Upon finding something you love on Houzz, there is an excellent chance that the name of the architect or contractor responsible for the project will be clearly tagged.

The newest, and fastest growing segment of backyard design resources are influencers (also known as bloggers). Key backyard and home design influencers include Emily Henderson, Orlando Soria, and Kate Albrecht. Find others by checking out the Better Homes & Gardens Top 10.  Identifying an influencer that compliments your own design aesthetic is a great way to generate backyard design ideas.

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DIY Building Resources

Choosing a DIY backyard project is a great idea for those with building or carpentry experience and/or those working with a modest budget. Just as there are millions of backyard design resources available, so are there millions of DIY building resources.

A familiar favorite is Family Handyman. Example tutorials include, “How to Build a Perfect Backyard Pergola”. Visual learners may find YouTube tutorials more engaging. Popular woodworking YouTube channels include April Wilkerson and Matthew Cremona. For general DIY information, has been around since 1995 and provides tips on everything from auto repair to home improvement.

For those that like to speak with an expert, a good bet are the staff at your local lumberyard or home improvement retailer. With insider knowledge and often years of experience answering questions about building materials and construction practices, reaching out to your favorite local lumberyard or home improvement retailer can offer a wealth of excellent, free tips and advice.

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Do It For Me (DIFM) Building Resources

Not everyone has the skill set, time, or patience to tackle a backyard redesign. Luckily, you don’t have to! Professional designers, contractors, and landscape professionals are available for jobs large and small, in a range of budgets. Where do you find qualified help? There are plenty of DIFM building resources to sort through.

Many states have licensing requirements for the building trades. Finding a licensed professional should be the first step. The California Contractors State License Board regulates contractor licensing for the state of California. Licensing in Colorado is handled on the municipal level (not state), meaning homeowners there should contact the municipality where their property is located to find a database of locally licensed contractors.

Additional, commonly used DIFM building resources include Angie’s List,, the Better Business Bureau, and local trade or union directories.

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Selecting the Best Materials for the Job

As you move through the design process either by yourself or with a building professional, one of the most fun parts is selecting the best materials for the job. While there are nearly countless criteria to consider, the most important are:





Ease of Use

Environmental Footprint

Maintenance Requirements


Natural wood, like Humboldt Redwood, is an excellent choice to build your perfect backyard because it performs very well against the key criteria noted above. The natural beauty and warmth are often what draw people in first, until they realize how durable, easy to use, and versatile Redwood is. With availability, cost, and maintenance requirements similar to competing products, namely Cedar and Composites, Humboldt Redwood outshines the others with respect to its low environmental footprint. Certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C005200), Humboldt Redwood is sourced from well-managed forests that are harvested at annual rates far below growth levels. That means more redwood trees are grown each year than are harvested.

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Where to Buy

Humboldt Redwood is available through independent lumberyards and home improvement retailers throughout the Western U.S. To find a stocking or special order location in your neck of the woods, please visit Where to Buy. Additional Inspiration and Start My Project information are available as well. We wish you good luck with your perfect backyard building project!

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