Raised-redwood-garden-bedIf you happen to live in an area where poor soil conditions are dashing your dreams of designing a beautiful outdoor garden, raised garden beds built with Humboldt Redwood lumber are a fantastic solution. In fact, the same characteristics that make redwood attractive for building redwood decks, garden structures, and fences, provide unique advantages for raised gardens as well.

Substandard soil makes growing herbs, vegetables, and flowers extremely difficult, if not impossible. Raised garden beds are ideal for creating the right environment for your garden to flourish, providing many advantages such as full control over soil conditions, better drainage, and minimal maintenance.

With raised garden beds, there is no need to battle your backyard with a rake, shovel, or rototiller. And not only do redwood raised garden beds make gardening easier, they also look great while easily blending with other outdoor redwood landscaping elements. Constructing raised garden beds using redwood lumber comes with other exceptional benefits as well, including natural resistance to insects and decay. Because these traits are natural to redwood, also it is a sensible non-toxic alternative to chemically treated or plastic materials. And although redwood is highly durable and uncommonly strong, it is also one of the easiest materials for homeowners to work with.

One of the best parts about building raised garden beds is that you can begin construction and start planting in a single day. Using simple plans and a few tools, building a framed box to contain soil is easy. You might see some beds constructed with 2×6 pieces of lumber, or more elaborate plans using 4X4 lumber stacked on top of each other for a taller bed. The size of the bed often depends on the soil depth necessary for the type of garden you choose to plant. Sunset.com provides step-by-step instructions for building the perfect raised bed.

Don’t let poor soil stop you from having the garden of your dreams. Start building your raised garden beds made from Humboldt Redwood lumber today. You can find Humboldt Redwood lumber products at independent lumber yards and home improvement retailers throughout California and the Western United States. To find a store in your area that sells the Humboldt Redwood brand of dimensional lumber products, please visit our Where to Buy page.