Landscape installation projects rank among the highest in terms of outdoor projects that bring homeowners joy, this according to a study by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

The “2018 Remodeling Impact Report: Outdoor Features” found that a new wood deck (Joy Score of 9.8), statement landscaping (9.7), and an overall landscape upgrade (9.6) were some of the highest ranking projects on a scale of 1 to 10; higher figures indicating greater joy from the project.

San Francisco Bay Area-based master landscape designer, Michael Galli knows a lot about joyful landscapes. For the past 30+ years, Michael and his company, Metamorphosis Landscaping, have designed and constructed some 200 landscape projects in the greater Bay Area.

Two important criteria that nearly all clients desire when moving forward with a new landscape for their home are that the design must maximize the use of their existing property and it is critical that the landscape works with the home’s existing architecture. The landscape also needs to be an extension of their home’s living space,” per Galli. 

And, of course, the landscape must be beautiful, joyful even. Millbrae, California homeowner, Mark Murdoch, was one of Metamorphosis Landscaping’s first clients 28 years ago. Murdoch’s backyard was effectively cut in half by a municipal stormwater canal. Metamorphosis Landscaping installed a large redwood deck over the canal to bridge the two, previously separated, portions of the backyard. Ever since, Murdoch has used his backyard and deck extensively, even referring to the area as his “playground”.

Redwood Pergola by Metamorphosis Landscaping

What’s more, the redwood has stood the test of time. Not a single board has been replaced in 28 years. Mr. Murdoch and most of Metamorphosis Landscaping’s other clients opt for an ongoing maintenance contract whereby all the wood is cleaned and refinished every two years. Superdeck is the finish of choice.

According to Duckback Products’ representative Yolanda Waters, “Superdeck is a high-quality oil-based transparent stain using microscopically ground iron oxide pigments to help reflect the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays. Metamorphosis clients prefer Superdeck Transparent Redwood (1903) for its ability to keep the redwood looking its natural best.” Metamorphosis’ crews are active in the late Spring months doing maintenance, so the projects are at their peak appearance during the long Bay Area summers.

Naturally strong, naturally beautiful, Humboldt Sawmill redwood, can be easily incorporated into joyful landscapes, like those designed by Metamorphosis Landscaping. “What’s nice about redwood is it can be translated from blueprint to reality very easily,” according to Mr. Galli.

Michael Galli and his team at Metamorphosis Landscaping design not only decks with redwood, but also pergolas, trellis, gates, garden boxes, and more. Redwood timbers are particularly prized for their span ratings. Many of the pergolas Mr. Galli designs are very large and encompass an entire outdoor living eco-system, whether with an outdoor kitchen, outdoor living room, or spa area underneath.

Hot Tub Surround Pergola by Metamorphosis Landscaping