Visitors to ZO Wines, a family owned farmstay vineyard and winery estate, in Sonoma County, California, have a unique space to enjoy the award-winning wines while taking in spectacular views of Dry Creek Valley. A pavilion designed with inspiration from Japanese pagodas was added to the property in mid-2019, providing an intimate area for tasting and relaxing. When selecting materials for the project, the winery looked no further than locally sourced and sustainably produced redwood.

David Eckert, owner, winemaker, and grower at ZO Wines, recalls his thoughts when first purchasing the property in 2012: “There were a few key things missing. For one, we didn’t have a great place to enjoy views of the vineyard, so we decided to create a deck and pavilion.” A large redwood deck with a pergola was first added to the historic 1906 main house, followed later by the tasting pavilion.

At the heart of ZO Wines’ winemaking philosophy is the requirement of the ‘right fruit, from the right places, grown with the right people.’ The vineyard on the property, established in 1999 as ‘Triple Ten Vineyard,’ accomplishes this and further carries through a Japanese theme. The Japanese word ‘Ten’ (), means heaven or heavenly.

Deck and Pergola at Zo Wines

“We had a vision of connecting to the vineyard’s roots, which are of Japanese origin, yet we also wanted it to match the Sonoma County aesthetics. So, when it came time to choose the materials for our pavilion, redwood was a no brainer,” adds Eckert. 

Sustainably harvested Humboldt Sawmill redwood was the perfect match for ZO Wines, which is a CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE winery focusing on small-batch production using environmentally friendly practices. David recalls the reasons he chose Humboldt Sawmill redwood specifically: “One of the things we really liked was their alignment with our sustainability philosophy. We also love the look and feel of the wood: it keeps cool on hot days and adds a nice texture to our winery environment.”

While all wine tasting experiences are by appointment only, ZO Wines functions as a farmstay, frequently welcoming overnight guests. With frequent visitors and the typical wear and tear associated with the hospitality industry, durability was also an important factor in choosing to build with redwood.

With a long-term commitment to sustainability, Humboldt Sawmill grows more redwood than is harvested annually. The company maintains Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C013133) certification for its timberlands in Northern California. From decking and siding to timbers and uppers, Humboldt Sawmill has a variety of redwood products for different construction needs.

Deck, Pergola, Stairs and Railing at Zo Wines