Redwood Case Study: Eureka Outdoor Kitchen

by: LBM Journal

It is no secret that the most popular area of the home is the kitchen. And while indoor kitchens can become crowded, outdoor kitchens extend living space, making home entertaining a “breeze.” From food prep and storage, to engaging with guests, anything that can be done inside can be done in an outdoor kitchen, all while enjoying nature.

Eureka, California homeowners Greg and Stephanie knew that an outdoor kitchen would mean more than extended living space: it would be a special environment for them to use for years to come. What started as a simple desire for an outdoor fireplace quickly expanded into an outdoor kitchen, living, and entertainment space, capped by a stunning, custom-built redwood timber pergola. The area includes an outdoor fireplace, smoker and pizza oven, as well as ample space for dining, seating, and storage.

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