Redwood Proves to be a Durable and Appealing Fencing Material Option

by: Jill Odom, Total Landscape Care

People enjoy their privacy and fences can be the perfect solution if your customer isn’t interested in using plants to create a privacy screen.

This doesn’t mean a fence has to be generic and bland. Depending on your client’s location, you can create a beautiful fence by opting to use redwood as your material.

“Redwood is the material of choice for fencing in California,” says Charlie Jourdain, manager of business development for Mendocino Forest Products / Humboldt Redwood. “It is widely available here because this is where it is sustainably grown and manufactured. It is naturally resistant to termites and decay, easy to work with and has a pleasing appearance.”

Pros and cons of fencing materials

If your client is trying to decide between redwood and other common wood fencing materials such as cedar, pine and cypress, here are some of the pros and cons of each.

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