Redwood is a favorite material among architects, designers, builders, and homeowners because of its natural strength, beauty, and overall performance characteristics as a sustainable building material. Humboldt Redwood is pleased to provide the following redwood architectural information resources for building professionals to learn more about application details, technical and engineering data, as well as an AIA course that provides insight into specifying redwood as a sustainable building product.

Architects Inspiring Architects

Get real. Get inspired. Check out some breathtaking projects designed by our first featured Architect, Olle Lundberg who is passionate about using real strong redwood.

Specifying Redwood

Learn more about the exterior and interior applications of redwood, redwood maintenance and finishing tips, and redwood lumber grades with a series of architectural design specification documents.

Redwood Technical Information

Access redwood structural design values, fire exposure ratings, and redwood lumber patterns.

AIA Lunch & Learn Course

Complete a request for your organization to receive an AIA accredited continuing professional education credit from the California Redwood Association. Credit earned upon completion of the course will be reported to AIA CES for current AIA members. The course offers insight into redwood as a sustainable building product.

Don’t have time for an in-person meeting? Take our course online today!


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