Humboldt Sawmill Company Biochar


The Humboldt Sawmill Company cogeneration plant in Scotia, California produces biochar as a byproduct of energy production. Biochar is a charcoal-like substance that is a stable form of carbon that can be used in soil amendments and compost mixtures. Benefits to using biochar in agricultural uses include improved water retention, nutrient conservation, beneficial microbial composition, and overall quantity of stable organic matter.

Biochar from Humboldt Sawmill has been certified under the European Biochar Certificate (EBC), the first U.S. based company to receive the certificate. EBC certified biochar is eligible to participate in carbonfuture, the organization leading monetization opportunities for carbon sequestration through biochar.

To bring its biochar to market, Humboldt Sawmill partners with Pacific Biochar Benefit Corporation (PBBC), who provide raw and processed biochar products for commercial and residential uses. PBBC's primary focus is agriculture, with particular attention to organic and ecologically sustainable practices.

For more information about Humboldt Sawmill Company biochar and how it can aid in climate change mitigation, please read our press release, "Humboldt Sawmill Certified to Participate in the European Carbon Sink Market"

Parties interested in sourcing biochar from Humboldt Sawmill Company are encouraged to call (707) 764-4472 or Contact Us.