Redwood Landscaping


Humboldt Redwood landscaping products offer many benefits to homeowners and landscape professionals alike. Because Humboldt Redwood is non-toxic, it is safe to use in gardening and landscaping applications where edible plants may be grown. It is likewise safe for children and pets to play around and nearby.

Because of natural decay and rot resistance, Humboldt Redwood landscaping materials offer a long service life. Whether in or near the soil, these products offer lasting durability. In addition, Humboldt Redwood is extremely workable with regular wood working tools. Even novice builders will find Humboldt Redwood to be a forgiving building material as it cuts, drills, nails, and saws with ease.

Popular applications of Humboldt Redwood landscaping products include privacy screens, support for growing plants, and hiding unattractive objects such as garbage cans or AC units. Ready to start building your own landscaped area? Visit our Humboldt Redwood dealer page to find a lumberyard or retailer in your area.

Humboldt Redwood Lattice

Humboldt Redwood Landscaping Lattice

Humboldt Redwood landscaping latticeĀ isĀ available in the following options:



Hole Design


Garden, Privacy, Triple Weave

Diagonal, Square


Garden, Privacy, Triple Weave

Diagonal, Square


Garden, Privacy, Triple Weave

Diagonal, Square

Humboldt Redwood Deck with Lattice Shade Structure