Redwood Landscaping


Benderboard & Stakes

Humboldt Redwood benderboard and stakes combine functionality, beauty and affordability all in one. It’s these kind of finishing touches that pull together landscaping designs for a polished look that demands attention.

Redwood Benderboard

Humboldt Redwood benderboard is a long, thin, bendable piece of rough redwood often used to create borders for lawns, sidewalks, gardens and more. Benderboard is also sometimes used as part of a concrete form for building patios and walkways. When used for edging, redwood benderboard is highly effective at keeping grass from encroaching on flowerbeds and walkways.

  • Easy to install, no special tools required
  • Flexible yet durable
  • Can bend and shape for a custom border
  • Rot resistant
  • Insect resistant
  • Weathers well without the need to sealers or preservatives
  • Environmentally friendly

Redwood Garden Stakes

Keep your fledgling plants standing straight and tall with Humboldt Redwood stakes. Our Humboldt Redwood garden stakes are strong enough to support young trees but versatile enough to help more delicate flowering plants, tomato plants and other types of garden plants keep their shape while they grow.

Humboldt Redwood stakes are an economical and attractive way to ensure your landscaping has the support it needs to flourish, and they also make a fantastic base for decorative vertical gardens, vines and climbing plants.

Features of this landscaping wood include:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use without the need of specialty tools
  • Naturally decay and rot resistant
  • Long-lasting and durable


Installation Tips

  • Account for curves and turns when measuring the length of redwood benderboard you’ll need for your project.
  • Use a garden hose to mark where your edging will be.
  • The trench for the border should be ½ inch shorter than your benderboard.
  • Place your stakes in first, putting them far enough into the ground that they will sit about one inch below the top of the redwood benderboard.
  • For straight portions put stakes in every four feet, but put in two stakes at any curve.
  • When packing in the dirt, keep it lower on the flowerbed or garden side so that mulch can be added without going over the top of the benderboard.

Lattice & Lath

Humboldt Redwood lattice and lath are traditional landscaping materials that can quickly transform an outdoor area into something more unique and attractive. These redwood products can be used to create a variety of landscaping design elements:

  • Fencing
  • Borders for gardens and flowerbeds
  • Support for vertical growing plants
  • Barriers for privacy
  • Hiding unattractive objects such as  AC units

Redwood Lattice Landscaping Wood

Humboldt Redwood lattice has a timeless, elegant quality and may be used in any number of ways to add charm to your backyard. This heavy-duty lattice is capable of supporting a wide variety of plants at varying weights while also adding privacy. Humboldt Redwood lattice retains stains and paints well so that it can be incorporated into existing structures with ease.  Beautiful and durable, Humboldt Redwood lattice can withstand the elements and stand strong for years to come.

Redwood Lath Landscaping Wood

Redwood lath is a component piece of redwood lattice and can be used to repair latticework that may become broken or bent.

Lattice & Lath Specifications

Humboldt Redwood pre-assembled redwood lattice is available in a wide range of configurations, including both framed and unframed styles. Homeowners can choose between garden style designs that feature diamond or square shaped openings. Privacy and triple weave styles are also available for those that intend to use Humboldt Redwood lattice for fencing or other projects that require added privacy and strength. Humboldt Redwood lattice and lath is available in the following dimensions, finish characteristics and hole design:


Finish Characteristics

Hole Design


Garden, Privacy, Triple Weave

Diagonal, Square


Garden, Privacy, Triple Weave

Diagonal, Square


Garden, Privacy, Triple Weave

Diagonal, Square