Phoebe Schenker

Phoebe Schenker values a strong concept. Thinking in three dimensional spaces, she strives to connect with clients through a narrative of materials, textures, and design. When speaking about why she chooses to design with Redwood, she speaks to its warmth, texture, and sustainability:

“When selecting a material, there are always so many factors to consider about its sustainability. It is local? How low is the carbon footprint? What are the lifecycle costs? What are the maintenance needs? Redwood performs really well on a lot of those tests – plus it has inherent quality and beauty. To me, Redwood is one of the primer building materials we have at our disposal.”

Phoebe Schenker has worked on several notable projects, including overseeing construction on the $100 million expansion project of the California Science Center in Los Angeles. Serving as the Project Manager for the Lands End Lookout and Visitor Center in San Francisco, she has a keen understanding of what materials work best within their environment.

“If you’re designing a building that’s going to last for 50 years, you have to think about not just how it’s going to look on opening day, but how it’s going to patina, and age gracefully over time. Redwood is one of those materials that lasts incredibly well, and looks really beautiful without much maintenance. “

Phoebe Schenker’s passion for sustainable building projects and her desire to work with renewable resources make Redwood an ideal material for her to work with.

To learn more about Phoebe Schenker, her approach to architecture, and designing with Redwood, please watch her interview below.

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