Pergolas and Shade Structures

Types of Shade Structures

Lawn and garden shade structures provide a great way to enjoy outdoor living spaces and make a beautiful addition to any home. Simple and clean, or dressed up with lights, shades, and ceiling fans, these structures can be utilized any number of ways.

Pergolas usually have open sides with slatted roofs that provide some shade but don’t completely block the sun. They can be built as free-standing structures over a yard space or hot tub, or be attached to a house over a deck. There are several pergola kits available through Humboldt Redwood, such as the Napa Pergola Kit and the Durango Pergola Kit.

San Ramon Redwood Pergola by Humboldt Redwood

Patio covers are similar to pergolas, but attach to the house and have fully covered roofs for maximum sun and rain protection.

Redwood Patio Cover

Gazebos are free-standing garden structures that are open on all sides and with a fully covered roof. They are often octagonal (eight-sided) or turret-shaped (round).

Humboldt Redwood Gazebo Shade Structure

Shade Structure Building Materials

Versatile and beautiful Humboldt Redwood is the perfect building material for a wide variety of outdoor shade structure and pergola projects. Redwood has excellent strength and durability, shrinks and swells less than other woods, and is less likely to warp or split. And each piece of lumber is naturally unique, with its own grain, color, and texture.

  • Redwood timbers, beams, and posts are a great choice for pergolas and shade structures. Redwood is one of the lightest, yet structurally strong, softwoods available, and is ideal for a wide range of applications where large structural components are required.

Redwood timbers, beams, and posts used in shade structure

  • Redwood dimensional lumber is a preferred material for outdoor building projects, and is available in a variety of lengths, grades, and finishes.

Redwood dimensional lumber used for shade structure

Visit a Humboldt Redwood dealer in your area to find our entire selection of building materials for your outdoor shade structure project.

Shade Structure Construction Tips

Building a shade structure is a simple weekend project, but does require some planning and advance preparation.

  • Before beginning any remodeling project, check with your local building department to learn if a permit is required and to discover any local building codes for your area.
  • Carefully measure the area you will be covering in order to calculate the dimensions of the lumber materials that you will need.
  • Assemble the tools you will need for the project, including a hammer, drill and drill bits, saw, tape measure, level, wrenches and screwdrivers, ladder, and gloves and safety glasses.
  • Make sure to use only non-corrosive hardware fasteners such as aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized screws or nails.

For more information on how to build a shade structure, including an example plan and list of specific construction steps, download the Windsor Shade Shelter Project Plan.

Redwood Pergola Kits

For a faster and easier alternative to building a pergola from scratch, Humboldt Redwood offers several redwood pergola kits. These complete kits feature all the lumber you need pre-cut to specific dimensions, hardware, and pre-drilled holes for easy assembly. The wood surfaces are smooth and can be stained or painted to match your home or deck.

Two redwood pergola kits are available:

Napa Pergola Kit – Featuring high-end design with multiple rafter levels and a total footprint of 10’ x 10’.

Napa redwood pergola kit

Durango Pergola Kit – Also offers a total footprint of 10’ x 10’ in a more economical design.

Durango redwood pergola kit

To purchase either the “Napa” or “Durango” Pergola Kits, please visit our Where to Buy Humboldt Redwood page to find a retailer near you, or Contact Us to inquire about a dealer in your area that stocks the kits or can special order them.


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