Build Redwood Garden Structures

A yard has so much potential for becoming an extension of your home and a livable space that can be enjoyed throughout the year. All it takes is the right landscaping and garden structures to transform an outdoor area from a  blank canvas into a retreat where you cultivate plants, relax, read, visit with loved ones, and much more.

Garden structures made of Humboldt Redwood offer the stability and beauty needed for outdoor additions that look amazing from one season to the next. If you’re ready to reshape your landscape keep reading to learn more about building a redwood garden structure and get ideas that can work in your own yard.

Tips for Building Your Redwood Garden Structure

Don’t know where to begin on your redwood garden structure? Use the information below to get started on redwood projects no matter what type of structure you’re building.

  • Find a design that works for your space. Humboldt Redwood offers many project plans online for anyone to use. You can also get design plans from contractors, architects and builders. Things to consider include the dimensions, tools and materials needed as well as whether or not they provide the functionality you’re looking for.
  • If you have some prior building experience, don’t be afraid to tailor the design to meet the size of your space or specific needs. You can also customize the design to add features like planters and seating.
  • Because Humboldt Redwood weathers more gracefully than most woods, it may be left to weather naturally. However, if you want to protect your investment with a finish, you’ll be happy to know that Humboldt Redwood has an open cellular structure and contains little to no pitch or resin. This enables Humboldt Redwood to absorb and retain all types of finishes extremely well.
  • Choose the grade that works best for the project. Grades are based on the appearance and characteristics of the wood. While all Humboldt Redwood grades work well for outdoor use, some offer superior stability. For example, when building a shelter two of the best grades to use are Construction Common and Deck Common.
  • Choose less popular lengths. Less popular lumber lengths such as 8’ and 14’ may be excellent options for your garden structure and are generally more economical than premium lengths such as 16’ and 20’. Check with your local lumberyard on pricing and see where you can incorporate odd lengths in your design.
  • Don’t forget to check the weather. Many redwood garden structures can be constructed in a single weekend, but may require more than one day from start to finish. Choose a weekend when no rain is on the radar. Alternatively, if you have a workshop, you can always fabricate some of the sections or pieces you will need for your garden structure there, regardless of the weather outside.

Redwood Garden Structure Options

Redwood Shelters and Shade Structures

A shelter or shade structure automatically adds functionality to an outdoor space. Even when the hot summer sun is beating down you can remain cool and comfortable under the protection of a pergola, covered shelter or gazebo. If placed next to your home they can even make it more comfortable inside by blocking the sun from shining through windows and glass doors.

Redwood Planters

Redwood planters are quick projects that can add a lot of impact with very little effort. They’re so simple most designs can easily be constructed and added to a landscape in a single day. Redwood planters are also easy to customize for a look that’s all your own. A few ideas to try include:

  • Planters on wheels
  • Multi-sided redwood planters
  • Planters with a built-in bench

Redwood planters blend in well with virtually any existing paint color and will look right at home with a redwood deck, patio, and other garden structures. It’s the perfect project for DIYers of all levels.

Redwood Outdoor Furniture Projects

Outdoor furniture will immediately add an element of livability to your exterior, and redwood is the perfect material for any project. Redwood outdoor furniture is built to handle even the harshest elements and still maintain its structural integrity. Whether you paint it, stain it, or let it weather naturally, benches, chairs and tables made of Humboldt Redwood will provide years of enjoyment for friends and family as they relax in your picturesque garden space. Our Redwood Furniture Project Plans are a great resource if you decide to build your own outdoor furniture.



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