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Redwood Deck Project Plans

Redwood Deck Project Plans

Humboldt Redwood offers legendary versatility and workability that makes durable decks easier and more affordable to complete. Whether you already have a deck or are planning to build a new one, this type of wood is an excellent selection for virtually any deck project.

Need a little help deciding where to start? Humboldt Redwood is pleased to offer inspiring ideas for your redwood deck projects both large and small. From easy additions to serene water features, these beautiful decks are sure to get your construction juices flowing.

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Redwood Deck Over Concrete
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Free-Standing Redwood Deck
Redwood Baulster Railing
Download plans for Redwood Baluster Railings

Awe-inspiring Railing

Railings may be a safety feature, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be attractive design elements. Traditional wood railings are certainly an option. Additional, more modern railing options also include cable, metal, and glass, which has the added benefit of enhancing property views.

A Cozy Nook

If you already have a deck but feel it’s too wide open, consider adding a cozy nook. Keep it intimate by building up privacy walls and putting the nook on it’s own level.

Built-in Seating

Those who appreciate form and functionality will enjoy the addition of built-in seating on their deck. It can be as basic as a backless bench, or for built-in seating that’s a major space saver, construct seats that fold up and hideaway when not in use.

Shady Pergolas

Pergolas offer an escape from the sun, but unlike umbrellas they fit in seamlessly with the rest of your deck. They also offer superior durability and can be constructed in a day, making a pergola one of the best outdoor living projects for weekend warriors. It’s a great addition for smaller decks because they draw the eye up and create a sense of extra space.

Privacy Screens

If your neighbors are just a little too close or you simply want to create a place to hideaway on your deck, privacy screens offer a quick and easy way to increase intimacy. Redwood latticework trellises can be attached to existing decking to allow a little visibility through. For added privacy you can drape curtains on the latticework or create a natural curtain with climbing vines like Boston Ivy.

Planter Boxes

Some of the most beautiful decks bring nature right into the deck design. Redwood planter boxes can be built into the deck itself or sit atop it. Either way they will fit in with the rest of your deck perfectly. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box – place them just about anywhere on your deck, incorporate colorful design elements or use a mix of materials.

Fountains and Water Features

When people think of fountains they usually envision them out in the yard. But water features can be built right into your deck for major wow factor. They work best on raised portions of the deck so that the plumbing fixtures can be accessed and maintained from below.

See More Beautiful Decks and Ideas

Not sure whether Humboldt Redwood is right for your deck project? Want to see more beautiful, durable decks and creative designs? Then take a look at our Humboldt Redwood Guidebook for Natural Outdoor Living. The guidebook will give you an overview on the qualities that make Humboldt Redwood such a great option for outdoor living areas.