Redwood Maintenance

Humboldt Redwood’s well-known, natural durability makes redwood maintenance easy to keep up with. Humboldt Redwood lays flat and stays straight, with minimal warping, cupping and checking compared to other wood species. These characteristics make redwood maintenance a straightforward process, so your outdoor living structures will stay strong and beautiful for years to come. Spend less time worrying about your deck and more time enjoying your outdoor living oasis.

Humboldt Redwood is a unique wood species for many reasons. For one, the application of sealants, paints or other finishes is not required to complete a Humboldt Redwood structure. It can stand up to the elements for decades. When left unfinished, Humboldt Redwood’s rich color evolves into a soft, gray patina that blends beautifully with surrounding outdoor landscapes. Our Humboldt Redwood Finishing Guide provides helpful tips and instructions for making the most of your new Humboldt Redwood deck or garden structure.

Conversely, achieve a customized look by applying a paint or sealant to finish your Humboldt Redwood project. To keep the color and texture looking like new, a number of protective sealants are available to accentuate the wood’s characteristics. Little redwood maintenance is required to keep sealed or painted structures looking great, year in and year out. Simply refinish the wood every few years.

Luckily, Humboldt Redwood does not stain the way artificial wood materials do when accidental spills happen. When you do need to clean up a stain, remove excess dirt or grime from your deck, or completely refinish your Humboldt Redwood deck, visit these links for helpful how-to’s, tips and advice:

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Cleaning Redwood

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Fasteners for Redwood

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Redwood Color Restoration

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Redwood Finishing Tips

Finishing a new Humboldt Redwood structure is easy with these tips.


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