With summer officially here, it is time to look into creating attractive, drought-tolerant surroundings for your business and home. With drought conditions prevalent throughout the Western U.S., redwood bark and byproducts are an attractive alternative to water intensive lawns.

Redwood Byproducts, Redwood bark for landscaping
Redwood Byproducts, Redwood bark for landscaping

Redwood Byproducts, Redwood bark for landscaping

Redwood byproducts are comprised of Redwood bark and chips. Redwood bark is shredded bark from Redwood logs that is removed prior to processing the logs into lumber. The bark is an attractive, deep reddish-brown color. Redwood Bark works extremely well on steep hillsides as it will remain in place. Redwood Bark also has a very low PH which helps suppress weeds, making garden maintenance much easier.

Redwood chips are made from trim ends and scraps from lumber processing. Because logs are round and lumber is square, scraps are unavoidable. Redwood Chips for landscaping is an excellent usage of this downfall and helps ensure that the entire Redwood tree is used. Redwood Chips appear as small rectangular pieces varying in color from red to yellow.

The benefits of choosing Redwood Bark and Chips for your landscaping projects include:

  • All natural Redwood; no added colors, chemicals, or preservatives
  • Excellent color retention for long-lasting beauty
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Sourced from well-managed forests certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)
  • Effective water retention for reduced water loss (evaporation)
  • Stable on hill slopes and flat ground
  • Effective, natural weed barrier

With its rich warm coloring Humboldt Redwood Byproducts will reduce your need for excessive watering of your property, and will lend a beautiful elegance to wherever it is used.