On the point of Cascade Peninsula, the entrance to Cascade Bay on Harrison Lake, B.C., stands a recently remodeled home with exceptional views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The largest lake in southwestern B.C., Harrison Lake was formed by glaciers and is a popular boating, camping, fishing, and hiking mecca two-hours east of Vancouver in the Fraser Valley.

Built in 1999, the Harrison Lake home was purchased by the current homeowners in the fall of 2019. The home is primarily used as a weekend getaway during the warmer months from April to October. Besides the breathtaking views, the area holds special meaning for the family. The homeowner’s father and grandfather logged the area in the 1950’s, even living in a logging camp on Cascade Bay.

Upon acquiring the property, the homeowners undertook an extensive remodel, focusing on the interior kitchen and outdoor living spaces. In total, an impressive 1,200 square feet of outdoor living space was added. The addition includes a covered barbeque and outdoor kitchen, as well as a fireplace, seating, and dining areas. The covered section features a beautiful vaulted timber ceiling.

Given the home’s proximity to the water’s edge, the entire outdoor living space is achieved via an expansive, three-level deck. The original decking material was pressure treated pine. For the remodeled deck, totaling 4,000 square feet, the homeowners chose a naturally durable wood species in redwood. Selecting a Clear redwood grade, the homeowners like the mix of reddish heartwood and lighter colored sapwood.

Due to the home’s location in a high fire hazard area, the redwood decking was treated with a Class A exterior fire retardant wood preservative, Thermex-FR®, from Chemco, Inc. With listings available through the California Office of the State Fire Marshal Building Materials Listing program (listing number 8170-1450:0501) and ICC-ES Evaluation Report (ESR-1159), Humboldt Sawmill redwood decking treated with Thermex-FR may be used without restriction in fire hazard areas.

In designing the project, unobstructed views of the lake were paramount. A glass railing system was installed along the entire length of the three-level deck. The mix of sleek, modern glass in the railing system, stone in the fireplace, and natural redwood deck boards create a design that will stand the test of time. A cozy space that is also unfussy. Updated furnishings add texture and sophistication.

“Harrison Lake is a special place for our family going back to the days of my father and grandfather,” said the homeowner. “We bought the home for its spectacular views. By upgrading it with additional outdoor living space, and using long-lasting redwood for the decking, this is a space we will enjoy for years to come. We couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out.”

Harrison Lake House redwood deckHarrison Lake homeHarrison Lake home