Farmington, New Mexico homeowners were seeking to update the current landscaping of their home to better suit their lifestyle needs. A specific update that they wanted was to add a curved redwood arbor for shade, which would also serve as a beautiful centerpiece for their main outdoor gathering area.

To bring their backyard renovation to life, they reached out to Copper Creek Landscape, and The Redwood Store, both located in Farmington. The homeowners have a longstanding relationship with The Redwood Store, collaborating on various projects since 2007: “They have always given us exceptional, caring and professional service”.

When it came to choosing their building materials for the project, there was no question on what they wanted: “We knew that we wanted redwood for our arbor” says the homeowner, “we didn’t consider any other material for the project. The strength, natural beauty, and durability of redwood truly makes it the perfect material for the Northwest New Mexico climate, where our weather conditions range from below freezing temperatures in the winter to well above 100F in the summer.”

curved redwood pergola at sunset

Redwood is an ideal material for any outdoor living space: even on the hottest summer day, it remains comfortable to the touch. Redwood stands up to the elements, resisting warping and splitting, and is naturally resistant to insects and decay.

The homeowners shared that they wanted a redwood arbor specifically for its “wow factor”: “We wanted something that flowed with the natural curves of our home, landscaping, and natural surroundings. We wanted it to enhance our home, which it does. The redwood arbor is in perfect harmony with our new landscaping, and we now have a gorgeous place to sit and relax, eat with family and friends, or just sit and enjoy the beautiful New Mexico views.”

The rich, warm color of redwood is evocative in any setting: it creates a breathtaking first impression, yet seamlessly blends into the landscape, creating a peaceful and relaxing outdoor living environment. Inspired to begin your own landscaping project with redwood? Visit our Start My Project page and get inspired with project plans, find inspirational images on our Inspiration page, and learn about our redwood grades.

curved redwood pergola evening