The WorldMark Windsor, California resort recently completed upgrades to the landscaping of the ten acre property. The new landscaping features deeply hued, attractive Redwood Bark in many of the properties’ common areas.

As a drought-resistant ground covering, Redwood Bark is ideal for properties, such as resorts, hotels, condominium and apartment complexes, which require both attractive and practical landscaping. Particularly in California and other areas of the Western U.S., the ongoing drought has brought about stringent outdoor watering restrictions and increasingly expensive water bills. Commercial properties can reduce their water usage and subsequent landscaping costs by replacing water intensive lawns with drought-tolerant landscaping featuring Redwood Bark.

Redwood Bark is an effective ground covering solution resulting in reduced water loss from evaporation. It is also stable on hill slopes, as well as flat ground, and serves as an effective natural weed barrier.

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