Jeriko Estate Resort and Winery in Hopland, California is a certified organic winery with a unique business model: in addition to selling estate wines, guests are able to enjoy the property as an overnight resort.

Throughout the 75 acre Italian villa-style property, there are casitas, villas, and suites that can accommodate up to 45 guests overnight. With limited hotels nearby, Jeriko Estate is uniquely positioned to welcome guests to the area to “stay and play.”

To enhance guests’ enjoyment of the property, owner Danny Fetzer installed two redwood pergolas. The larger one is outside the main tasting room, and a second is attached to one of the casitas on the property. The larger pergola provides a cool outdoor space for patrons who want to experience the magnificence of the property. The smaller pergola creates an ecosystem within the property designed for the guests who stay there. Fetzer plans to add additional redwood pergolas over time.  

The redwood shade structures encourage guests to enjoy the outdoor beauty of the winery. They transform a hot day into a pleasant afternoon, creating a comfortable atmosphere for sipping Jeriko wines. The redwood pergolas have proven invaluable to the property for other reasons as well.

A Group Toasting with Wine Under a Redwood Pergola at Jeriko Estate

Durable. Fetzer chose redwood because of its durability: “Redwood can withstand the elements of time and weather.” He wanted to install something that would last, required minimal maintenance, and did not need to be replaced after a short period of time. Less time spent maintaining the pergolas gives him the ability to focus on the needs of his guests. 

Local & Sustainable. Fetzer was also drawn to the sustainability of redwood. Sourced from nearby Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C013133) certified forestlands, redwood trees are indigenous and have been used locally for centuries. Modern forestry practices mean that more redwood trees are grown each year than are harvested and additional protections are put in place around old growth stands, flora and fauna, and water courses, to name a few. This fits with Jeriko’s organic and sustainable values.

Functional. The superior functionality of redwood was also important to Fetzer.  He wanted to create an outdoor space where guests could enjoy the beautiful views of the property while remaining cool and comfortable: “When large events are hosted at Jeriko Estate, the pergolas create a perfect, cool atmosphere so guests can relax and enjoy the special day.” The entire patio serves as a pleasant oasis from the heat: it provides shade, and the redwood remains cool to the touch, even on a hot day.

Beautiful. Fetzer hopes to attract more events, such as weddings, to Jeriko Estate. The redwood pergolas have helped beautify the property. Fetzer points out that, “We decided on redwood pergolas largely because of the aesthetics. The look of the exposed wood mirrors the interior design of the tasting room.”

Redwood Shade Structure at Jeriko Estate