Farmington, New Mexico homeowners were seeking to add to the landscaping of their home and had some pretty specific ideas in mind. In particular, they desired a curved redwood arbor to provide shade over a large, curved concrete seating area. The new seating area and redwood arbor serve as a beautiful centerpiece for their main outdoor gathering space. 

To bring their ideas to life, the homeowners reached out to Copper Creek Landscape, who had previously completed landscaping for them, as well as for the previous owners of the same home. Founded by Mark Christensen in 2007, Copper Creek Landscape has a reputation for high-quality work and satisfied customers throughout the greater Farmington area.

Materials for the project, including all the redwood, came from The Redwood Store. Family-owned and operated since 1988, The Redwood Store similarly has a well-founded following of loyal customers in northern New Mexico. Furthermore, Copper Creek Landscape and The Redwood Store have a great working relationship. According to Mark Christensen, “The Redwood Store has always given me exceptional, caring, and professional service.”

Farmington, New Mexico Pergola

When it came to choosing materials for the project, there was no question what the homeowners wanted to use. “We knew we wanted redwood for our arbor” said the homeowner, “we didn’t consider any other material for the project. The strength, natural beauty, and durability of redwood truly makes it the perfect material for the northwest New Mexico climate, where our weather conditions range from below freezing temperatures in the winter to well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.”

The homeowners further shared that they wanted a redwood arbor specifically for its “wow factor.” 

“We wanted something that flowed with the natural curves of our home, landscaping, and natural surroundings. We wanted it to enhance our home, which it does. The redwood arbor is in perfect harmony with our new landscaping, and we now have a gorgeous place to sit and relax, eat with family and friends, or just sit and enjoy the beautiful New Mexico views.”

Daniel Hough, owner of The Redwood Store, isn’t surprised by the homeowners’ choice of redwood. The Redwood Store stocks redwood lumber and timbers for customers like Copper Creek Landscape, but they also build custom redwood furniture, planter boxes, and other handcrafted items.

According to Hough, “Redwood is a great material to build with. The rich, warm color works well in just about any project and it’s ability to remain comfortable to the touch is important to a lot of people as they consider building materials for high-touch areas.”

Farmington, New Mexico Pergola