Humboldt Redwood timber pergola
Humboldt Redwood timber pergola

Redwood is one of the lightest, yet structurally strongest softwood species in North America, making it ideal for a wide range of structural applications where large timbers are required. Naturally strong, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly, Redwood and Douglas-fir timbers from Humboldt Redwood are a great choice for your structural building needs.

The use of Redwood and Douglas-fir timbers for timber framing and exposed beam construction can produce dramatic results and lend the natural beauty and strength of wood to building projects. Humboldt Redwood Timbers, including beams and posts, are also a great choice for garden and landscaping structures. Timbers also make beautiful interior design elements when used in exposed frame construction.

In addition to being a renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable material, the use of Redwood Timbers in and around your home will add great value to your property. Redwood also provides environmental advantages over alternative building materials. The rich warmth of Humboldt Redwood will create an inviting atmosphere wherever it is used that will last for years to come.  Each timber possesses its own color, texture, and grain pattern and each is inherently beautiful!

Humboldt Redwood and Douglas-fir timbers can be used in many structural applications, including shade structures such as pergolas and gazebos, arbors, rafters, and barns. In addition, the use of exposed timber beams and posts in exposed framing is a great way to showcase the beauty of the wood and add warmth to the home.

To learn more about Humboldt Redwood Timbers, the various material applications, and to learn how Redwood stacks up against Western Red Cedar, visit our Timbers page.